McDermott & McGough

A Friend of Dorothy Shopper


Two colour screen printed limited edition bag
100% canvas tote

47 x 42cm

£30.00 GBP



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About the artwork

David McDermott (b. 1952) and Peter McGough (b. 1958) have worked collaboratively since 1980. This limited edition shopper coincides with the artists’ largest project to date, The Oscar Wilde Temple at Studio Voltaire. Twenty years in the making, The Oscar Wilde Temple is a wholly immersive work of art and secular space honouring one of the earliest forebears of gay liberation whilst commemorating contemporary LGBTQ+ martyrs and those lost to the AIDS crisis. 

This is the first ever institutional exhibition of McDermott & McGough’s work in the UK. For this major new commission, the most ambitious in Studio Voltaire’s history, the entirety of the gallery–a Victorian former chapel–has been dramatically transformed to create an environment that wholly celebrates the Irish poet and author. 

Read more about The Oscar Wilde Temple 

About the artists

David McDermott & Peter McGough (b. 1952 and 1958 respectively)  have worked collaboratively since 1980. Their artistic practice is unique and all encompassing: they have used their life and art to create an unprecedented gesamtkunstwerk that explores issues of gay identity, social repression and performative time travel.

Known only by their surnames, McDermott & McGough were notorious in the bohemian downtown quarters of New York in the 1980s because of their self imposed immersion in the Victorian era. Their dress, their home, their art studios - all were strictly faithful to late nineteenth and early twentieth century style. Dubbing their art/life practice a “time experiment,” McDermott & McGough challenged the chronological boundaries of art history and cultural identity. As Peter McGough has stated, “Our photographs are a record of our life and time experiment. Our paintings explained our theories of heredity, sexuality and time.”

Their work frequently addresses the homoerotic aspects of Victorian culture while acknowledging the oppressive politics of the age.

In September 2018, McDermott & McGough will stage their largest commission to date at Studio Voltaire. The Oscar Wilde Temple is work of art and a secular space, honouring one of the forebears of gay liberation while commemorating contemporary LGBTQ+ martyrs.

Studio Voltaire has been supporting artists for over twenty years, through our renowned programme of exhibitions, performances, events and education projects as well as providing affordable studios.

We have gained a reputation for championing both emerging and underrepresented artistic practices, often at key stage in the artist’s career. These have included Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, Phyllida Barlow, Ruth Ewan, Elizabeth Price, Jo Spence, Joanne Tatham & Tom O’Sullivan, Richard Slee and Cathy Wilkes.

The gallery also provides an important UK platform for international artists, often providing them their first-ever presentation in the UK. These have included Nairy Baghramian, Thea Djordjadze, Nicole Eisenman, Judith Hopf, Paulina Olowska and Henrik Olesen.