Laura Aldridge - Energy PLEASE!

Aldo x Laura Aldridge Mugs


Ceramic Mugs
Unique in a series
Approx. 29 x 11 cm, sizes vary due to unique nature 
Designs vary

$63.00 USD



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About the artwork 

These ceramic mugs are made under artist Laura Aldridge's moniker ENERGY please! in collaboration with her father who works under the moniker Aldo. Aldo throws the mugs, each unique & numbered on the underside of each mug. Laura then glazes the mugs with each glaze entirely unique, using a mixture of glazes both improvised, off the shelf and from recipes.

About the artist

Laura Aldridge’s work moves freely between wall-based reliefs and sculptural installations, playing on the abilities of ‘collage’ to operate in two and three-dimensions. Her works use fabric, images (both photographic and silk-screened) and found objects to create installations that the artist describes as ‘expanded collage’. She often arranges elements of her works upon tables, low plinths or across gallery walls to bring ‘things’ together so that they might coalesce as a whole.

Aldridge (b. 1978, Frimley; lives and works in Glasgow). Recent solo exhibitions include: curfew, Edinburgh (2019); Peles Empire, (2018); Passerelle, Brest (2015), Tramway, Glasgow (2015), Studio Voltaire at Sunday Art Fair (2014) and Studio Voltaire (2011). The artist is represented by Koppe Astner, Glasgow. 

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