Alain Séchas

Ceramic Cork Stop


Bouchonchat, 2020

Ceramic, transfer printing, polythene

Dimensions Approx : 12.5 x 5 x 5 cm

Made in EU.

£45.00 GBP



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About the product 

The Bouchonchat (literally « catcork ») is an edition in ceramic by Alain Séchas which transforms any bottles into one of the many figures appearing in the drawings, paintings and sculptures of the French artist (born in 1955, lives and works in Paris).
Questioning how art can be part of our everyday life, Séchas repeatedly brings in anthropomorphic figures (cats, Martians, octopuses or ghosts), creating a body of work charged with humor and a certain perplexity towards existence.
Surmounted by the Bouchonchat, each bottle becomes a sculpture as well as a manifest of WE DO NOT WORK ALONE’s project to introduce art in our everyday gestures and to make ours Robert Filliou’s moto « Art is what makes life more interesting than art » .

The Bouchonchat is a limited edition WE DO NOT WORK ALONE x Palais de Tokyo

We do not work alone, is a publishing house created in Paris in 2015 by Louise Grislain, Anna Klossowski and Charlotte Morel. We do not work alone commission limited editions and objects conceived by International artists. 

About the Artist

Alain Séchas, born in 1955 in Colombes (France), is an french contemporary artist. He lives and work in Paris. Best known for his cartoon-like sculptures of humanoid bodies with cat heads, Alain Séchas makes art that is both humorous and confrontational. Constructed out of polystyrene or Plexiglas, Séchas’s Pop art-influenced works reflect all that is admirable and contemptible in people, using his benign-looking figures to launch critiques of social ills. For example, the tentacles of the octopus in the installation entitled La Pieuvre (1990) wreak havoc in a city of ghosts, a deceptively charming comment on rampant criminality.

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