Mary Reid Kelley

Lightning Over Miss Barley, 2013


A unique painted collage, generously donated by the artist and Pilar Corrias.


Collaged paper with charcoal, watercolour, and gouache. Framed in museum grade frame.

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    About The Artwork

    Mary Reid Kelley, in collaboration with her partner, Patrick Kelley, combines painting, performance, and a distinctive wordplay-rich poetry in her polemical, graphically stylized videos. Performing as a First World War soldier, a grisette in revolutionary Paris, or the Minotaur, she resurrects characters that embody particular facets of ideas in time. Her historically specific tableaux enclose dilemmas of mortality, sex, and estrangement, navigated by the characters in punning dialogue that traps them between tragic and comic meanings.

    About Mary Reid Kelley