Amalia Pica

Colour in paperwork (A3), 2016


A limited edition risograph print by Amalia Pica, exclusive to House of Voltaire.

Edition Size



42 x 30 cm


Risograph Print

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    About The Artwork

    Amalia Pica is known for her installations and sculptural works which explore communication and realms of civic participation. This new edition continues her 2015-16 series 'Joy in Paperwork', in which the artist created images using bureaucratic stamps she has collected from around the world. The artist then repeats and repurposes the stamps to create new patterns. Playing with otherwise official, administrative symbols, Pica subverts and makes light of the various bureaucratic systems they stand for. In ‘Colour in paperwork (A3’), 2016, Pica creates an arched trail of ‘Paid’ stamps which starts and ends off the page. Similarly to other works in the series, the repeated stamps follow a system of the artist’s own, and each repeated stamp serves a larger pattern.

    About Amalia Pica