Hail Satan Hoody


Hooded sweatshirt with hand-stitched sequins by Ashish exclusive to House of Voltaire


S, M, L


Hooded sweatshirt with hand-stitched sequins

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      About The Artwork

      This hand-sequinned Ashish hooded jumper makes use of the fashion designer and artist’s subversively playful approach to sequins and colour. Luke Leitch of British Vogue describes Ashish’s work as having ‘blood and thunder and energy in it’, a sentiment that is vibrantly apparent in the riotous clash of words and imagery at play here. Ashish believes his signature sequins provide 'a world of escapism and fabulousness. Sequins remind me of that, of big cities at night. Because cities have always been such a refuge for people, or communities, who have felt not the norm. For gay men, moving from small towns, a city’s nightlife becomes a kind of refuge. Using sequins reminds me of that idea, of not being hidden.' Every sequin on this piece is sewn by hand by skilled artisans in Delhi. These hoodies featured in ‘Ashish: Fall in Love and Be More Tender’, the major survey exhibition at William Morris Gallery in 2024.

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