Christina Kimeze

Beneath the Leaves, 2023


A limited edition etching by Christina Kimeze, exclusive to House of Voltaire. Signed and numbered by the artist. 


Edition Size



48 x 46.5 cm


Etching with Chine Collé on Somerset Satin

The price of the edition increases as it sells out

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    About The Artwork

    Christina Kimeze is a London-based painter whose work often explores the inner lives of female protagonists. The artist’s scenes consist primarily of lone figures, either static or moving through the home: submerged in the bath, ambling down the stairs, perched in the garden. It is not loneliness that Kimeze focuses on, but the ‘agency’ of being alone. In her words, “You can just choose to be sitting with yourself.” For Kimeze’s edition exclusive to House of Voltaire, the artist has worked closely with a leading London print studio which specialises in etching. The artist has produced an original fine art etching which features the head and shoulders of a female protagonist peering out at the bottom corner of an almost dream-like picture frame of fluid natural forms. This edition has been made exclusively to support Studio Voltaire’s artistic and public programmes.

    About Christina Kimeze