Sola Olulode

Hand-painted Bauble


Hand-painted shatterproof baubles by painter Sola Olulode, exclusive to House of Voltaire

Edition Size



10 cm


Shatterproof Acrylic

The price of the edition increases as it sells out.

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    About The Artwork

    Sola Olulode’s paintings are nuanced and tender visions of intimacy and community; her wistful images celebrations of Black identity, womxnhood and non-binary people. Distinguished by their use of gestural brushwork, indigo dye, wax, oil bar, impasto and monochromatic schemes (typically in blue, green or yellow) they speak strongly of her Nigerian heritage. Allowing the body to take centre stage, she creates utopian scenes which give prominence to movement, gesture, and romanticised acts. Reflecting her own community and experiences, her works expose a unique tenderness and a fluid ability of bringing to life representation and visibility of Black Queer lived experiences.

    About Sola Olulode