Envy would praise his beauty, 2020


Limited edition Giclee print with silkscreen varnish, exclusive to House of Voltaire. Signed and numbered by the artist on an archival label on the reverse.

Edition Size



37 x 63 cm


Giclee print with silkscreen varnish

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    About The Artwork

    Exclusive to House of Voltaire, a limited edition print by London-based artist Linder (AKA Linder Sterling). The work is a part of a recent series by the artist, based on the Greek myth of Myrrh. In the myth, Myrrha, turned to a tree as a punishment from the Gods, gives birth to Adonis from her trunk. In this photomontage, the figure of Adonis has been multiplied and "queered", and features alongside anemones, which grew on the spot he died. Each print of the photomontage has a silkscreen varnish applied, giving a light sheen and depth to the work.

    About Linder