Matt Connors

Interaction, 2015


Specially devised by the artist, this set of ten prints features a photographic element of a male crotch against a colour-field background.  Work can be framed in individually colour-matched frames.

Edition Size



26 x 22 cm Unframed 29 x 24.5 cm Framed


Print portfolio edition, set of ten framed or unframed prints

The price of the edition increases as it sells out. Sold either unframed or in bespoke frames. Please allow 2 weeks for works to be framed and contact us directly to discuss available shipping options.

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    About The Artwork

    Each of these special edition works is a set of 10 prints in individually colour-matched frames, specially chosen by the artist. These works sit within the context of early 2000s gay sex work, drawing from eBay imagery taken from people selling their used sports shorts and boxers. By cropping, adjusting, and re-contextualising, the images become distressed digital monochromes - opening a conversation about contemporary digital and AFK (away from keyboard) relationships to sex.

    About Matt Connors