McDermott & McGough

I’ve Seen The Future And I’m Not Going, 2018


A limited edition digital print with gold ink by artists McDermott & McGough. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Edition Size



44 x 51.5 cm


Digital print with gold ink

The price of this edition increases as it sells out.

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    About The Artwork

    McDermott & McGough are perhaps best known for their time continuum-collapsing experiment in the mid-80s. After meeting in New York in the 1980s, the duo became known for their self-immersion in the Victorian era, in which they lived, dressed and made art according to the limitations of the early 1900s. Paintings, installations and photographs were fueled by this self-imposed time travel; the techniques, subjects and styles used were unique to the period. In creating work that reflected a different era and by reconstructing imagery from the time, McDermott & McGough in turn questioned chronological boundaries of art history and provoked issues of sexuality and cultural identity in an artistic output otherwise defined by its genteel appearance.

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