Sharon Hayes

We are the people, 2016


A limited edition digital print by Sharon Hayes, exclusive to House of Voltaire.

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71 x 49 cm


Digital print

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    About The Artwork

    This limited edition print follows Hayes' solo exhibition, In My Little Corner of the World, Anyone Would Love You at Studio Voltaire in 20212. This work is an extension of the exhibition: it has been fly-posted, presented in the gallery, and now, is available as a limited edition artwork. Situated within Hayes' practice of working with queer, feminist, and gay rights archives across the US and UK, this edition features a tightly cropped image taken from the Gay Liberation Front's 1971 manifesto. The orientation of this image has been altered by Hayes, with the intention of altering viewer perceptions. The original photograph was taken by John Chesterton and is from the Hall-Carpenter Archives at the London School of Economics.

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