Rene Matic

Synchronise The Soul Felt Embroidered Patch


Artist-designed limited edition woven patch by Rene Matic, exclusive to House of Voltaire

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Felt & Cotton Embroidered Patch

Limited Edition Woven Patch Felt & Cotton

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    About The Artwork

    This edition has been made exclusively for House of Voltaire as part of the artist's immersive presentation 'The Rene Matic Soul Club'. ‘Soul time’ takes its name from the 1966 Northern Soul song by Shirley Ellis – a title that has since been used as an idiom to describe practices of self-preservation and prayer. Using the abundant milieu of the 1960s soul scene, Matic uses the poetics and aesthetics of soul as tools of salvation and redemption; to deliver one from dystopia to utopia through subcultural practice. Matic uses subculture as a kind of ‘attainable afro-futurism' where one can create spaces of breakage and glitch in real-time – in soul time.

    About Rene Matic