Olaf Breuning



Oilcloth Tablecloth by Olaf Breuning


160 x 200 cm



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    About The Artwork

    One of those days by Olaf Breuning is an edition of an oilcloth tablecloth made in France, in the Vosges. Drawing as always from the infinite resources of the everyday life, Olaf Breuning used for this edition a photograph that summarizes the situation in which everyone one of us finds oneself one day, one of those days where everything goes wrong. He stages a joyful apocalypse on the tablecloth where we are invited to add our own elements of chaos. The irony in Olaf Breuning’s work reveals his ability to expose the derisory and vane aspects of our contemporary society, that he describes not from a distance but rather by taking part in it and enjoying it.

    About Olaf Breuning