Unskilled Worker - Helen Downie

Solfeggio Flowers, 2023


Limited edition giclee and silkscreen print by Unskilled Worker - Helen Downie, exclusive to House of Voltaire. Numbered and signed by the artist

Edition Size



93 x 69 cm


Giclee print with silkscreen varnish

The price of this edition increases as it sells out

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    About The Artwork

    Often working under the moniker of UnskilledWorker, Downie's paintings are both intimate and evocative, mixing characters and nature with the ephemeral and fantastical. "My artworks are dreamlike, ritualistic, alternate realities, where all elements are given the same symbiotic value. The intention is to trigger a memory response, to experience once again the magic of seeing the world as a child although the themes are more adult.

    About Unskilled Worker - Helen Downie